Editing the Homepage


Rising Campaigns Homepages offer a ton of flexibility to add sections and design elements to your liking. With each section having several different component options, no site will look the same, and we can choose from over 400,000 different combinations. In this section of knowledgebase, we will go over all the components that can make up a homepage and work.


Your Marquee is the first thing most site visitors will see when they visit your website. It consists of a Headline, Deck, Featured Graphic, and typically a Signup Form or other call-to-action.

Learn more about editing the marquee


The Supplemental section is where you can expand on your campaign. This is a great section to expand on messaging, introduce your candidate, or tell your campaign's story.

Learn more about editing the Supplemental Section


If your organization accepts donations, we use an ActBlue and NGPVAN/EveryAction embeds to power our donation forms. We’ll simply need a link to your ActBlue/EA Form and to populate the donation amount in the Admin Portal. Here is an example of what a donation form looks like:


NGPVAN EveryAction

Promotional Kickers

Promotion kickers allow you to place blocks of content that take the user to a new page whether it is information or action related is up to you. Kickers are a nice way to drive important action. Promotional Kickers are accessible from the Admin Portal by clicking Homepage on the left-side navigation, then Promotion kickers. To add or edit Promotion kickers, select the box as shown with the red square below.

Learn more about editing Promotional Kickers.

Modal boxes allow the user to create an entry point to the site that highlights an action whether it be a donation or a sign-up form. The user will have the ability to take the action or continue to the site. What is unique about this feature is that we allow you to set how long the a single user will be cookied for once they see the modal box for the first time. If your action is urgent you can set this to 0 days and every time that user visits the site they will get the modal. If your action is less time sensitive, you can set it to add more days before they user sees the modal again.

Learn more about editing Modal Content.

Content Order

With a Rising Campaigns site we make adjusting the content order of your site very simple which can be an edge when as the needs of your campaign evolve learn more about how to edit the content order here.

Learn more about content order.