Editing the Supplemental Section


The Supplemental section is where you can expand on your campaign. This is a great section to expand on messaging, introduce your candidate, or tell your campaign's story.

The Supplemental section is accessible from the Admin Portal by clicking Homepage on the left-side navigation, then Supplemental. To edit the Supplemental, select the box as shown with the red square below.

From here, you should see a screen that looks like this.

You can edit the following:

  1. Supplemental Headline- This should be short and what the website is really about.
  2. Upload an image. This image should be at least 1800x1800 pixels for best results.
  3. Insert Supplemental body text. This section can consist of short or long-form copy, depending on the complexity of the site mission.
  4. If linking to a second page you will need to insert a button title image and path URL to the destination page.

Below is an overview of where each content section for the Supplemental section lives: