Editing Modal Content

Modal boxes allow the user to create an entry point to the site that highlights an action, whether it be a donation or a sign-up form. The user will have the ability to take action or continue to the site. What is unique about this feature is that we allow you to set how long a single user will be cookied for once they see the modal box for the first time. If your action is urgent, you can set this to 0 days, and every time that user visits the site, they will get the modal. If your action is less time-sensitive, you can set it to add more days before the user sees the modal again.

To access the modal content, login into the CMS and will be on the home screen under Homepage.

In a modal setup, you will have the ability to publish or un-publish by merely selecting a toggle at the top. You can add a donation form with specified amounts like you would have done for the main donation page/section. We also allow for users to embed video code directly into the body section of the modal. (Pro-tip, be sure to toggle to Markdown for Rich Text if you are embedding code).

Screenshot: Modal Box Management