Common issues and how to solve them.

Problem: Can't login?

Solution: Try resetting your password or reach out to for assistance.

Problem: My recent post is not showing up on the live site.

Solution: This is likely a browser cache issue. Try clearing your cache and reload the page. If this does not fix the problem after 5 minutes, email support with a link to the backend URL of the page not populating as well as what browser and browser version you are using.

Ex. **Browser:** Chrome **Version:** 84.0.4147.89 **URL:** 

Problem: Share image is not showing on Facebook

Solution: Use Facebooks share debugger tool: If the problem persists, reach out to

Problem: Site Description does not appear in FB share

If you are not able to see yurt site description text in your FB share it's likely caused by your title being too long, in the metadata setting edit your Title to be no longer than 25 characters. If the problem persists reach out to