Page Types

You can create a variety of different Page types in the Rising Campaigns platform. Any content block that requires its own URL and is not categorized by publish date can be considered a page. This includes basic content like Privacy Policies, organized content like your campaign's issues, and more complex structured content including robust pages with a mix of long form text, groups and kickers to branch more content or actions. In this section we will review all of the above.


How to select a page type:

  1. In the main CMS navigation select "Pages".
  2. In the top right select "New Page"

3. Once you are in the new page setting you will see a drop down that will allow you to select a page type:

With the following options:

Standard Page Functions:

Adding a Deck

Adding deck text is important to do for each article and page because it is text that search engines use when populating articles within search terms. By being diligent about adding in deck text for your Blog/News articles you will ensure more traffic based on the topic and will improve your overall SEO.

Using Rich Text Editor in Body

The Rich Text Editor allows you to add different types of text from Bold and Italic to different sizes of heading for your Body paragraph. The Rich Text Editor also allows for implementing bullets and numbered lists in addition to being able to add a code block and a block quote section. Finally by hitting the plus button you be able to add images to your post within the body block of the page.

Using Markdown

If you want to add in HTML code from YouTube or any other source that provide HTML code you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Before pasting any code snippet in, toggle this in the body options from Rich Text to Markdown.

  1. Once you have toggled over to Markdown you can now paste the code in and hit publish.
  2. Wait roughly 1 minute and refresh the live version of the site to check and make sure the HTML snippet is displaying properly. If you paste in a video and the viewport is not responding properly, submit a ticket at