Media Assets

The media section is relatively self explanatory and can be access on the home page on the CMS by clicking here:

You will also be able to access the media section on individual pages in the CMS where you have access to a body section by clicking on the + sign in the WYSIWYG:

Uploading Images

  1. Click on the the various option to add an image as stated above.
  2. Once you the media manager pulled up you will be able to select from previously uploaded files or upload a new photo:

  1. Once that is selected it will bring up your systems download options and you can find and select the file you wish to upload.
  2. Once you have uploaded the file, be sure to select the and then hit the "Choose Selected" button.

Here are a few tips in providing the best user experience for your audience:

  1. Keep your file size small, if your file size above 4mb it's too big and will start to influence site load times for your users which could result in a high bounce rate. Our recommended file size is 500k.
  2. For the best image resolution we suggest that images be 1800px x 1800px.
  3. Acceptable file types include: jpg, jpeg, png, webp.
  4. Our system automatically resizes your image for screen resolution so you don't need to worry how the image will look on mobile vs desktop if you follow the above recommendations.