Editorial Workflow

By default, when you create content in Rising Campaigns Platform, that content is immediately published to your website. However, you also have the option to use an Editorial Workflow, which adds an interface for drafting, reviewing, and approving content before it is published to your production website.

Editorial Workflow is helpful for organizations with multi-tier teams for content approval. This feature is available upon request, and you can send an email to to have it enabled on your site.

When Editorial Workflow is enabled, you will find additional options when creating and saving blog, platform, or page content.

Editorial Workflow in Header Screenshot

When the page has been saved, you will see a "Check for Preview" option in the header of the edit page. Clicking this link will check to see if the preview has deployed, and when the preview is available, the link will be replaced with a "View Live" link that takes you directly to the blog, platform, or page post on a staging URL.

Editorial Workflow Preview Link Screenshot

Once your content is ready for the next step in the Editorial Workflow process, click on the Set Status option in the edit page header. You will have the option to select one of three statuses: Draft, In Review, and Ready.

Editorial Workflow Dashboard

When using the Editorial Workflow, your team is encouraged to use the Workflow Dashboard to get a birds-eye view of where various pieces of content are in the publishing cycle.

Editorial Workflow Dashboard Screenshot

You can access the dashboard by clicking on Workflow from the header on the main page of the CMS.